Original FLEXFIT ® 

Original FLEXFIT ®  

History in the Making

The ORIGINAL FLEXFIT®, released in 1994, became a model that introduced the FLEXFIT® Technology and is the backbone line-up of all that is FLEXFIT®.

From there, emerged a new category in headwear called the STRETCHABLE CAP.

From Distinguished comfort to style.

1994’s FLEXFIT® amazing headwear changed the standard for all caps, creating a notable revolution in the headwear industry.

In 1996, FUBU was the first to partner with FLEXFIT®

and had incorporated FLEXFIT® into all their products.

From then on, more and more global brands sought after FLEXFIT® for business inquiries.
In 1998, FLEXFIT® broke ground in the global headwear industry with its collaboration with SEAN JOHN, a world-renowned brand that dominated the city streets.

Born in 1999, the Hurley cap still remains to be the most popular FLEXFIT®.

In 2001, we developed the ‘Tiger Woods FLEXFIT® CAP’ in collaboration with NIKE.

Ever since then,

FLEXFIT® has been gaining popularity everywhere.
Not only in golf, but also in baseball, outdoors, and all other sports industries and street brands wanted to work with FLEXFIT®.