FLEXFIT 110 ® 

FLEXFIT 110®  

ALL for ONE, ONE for ALL.

The name says it all. FLEXFIT 110® was designed to utilize all of the FLEXFIT® technologies into one cap.
One size fits all. You can’t exactly put a number on what a person’s head size, everyone has a different size and shape. Caps that have adjustable straps are either too tight or comes off too easily even when you choose an adjustable cap that is slightly the wrong size. Therefore, we’ve combined our FLEXFIT® Technology with snapbacks and adjustable caps.


Regardless of how small or large your head size may be,
FLEXFIT 110® can cover a majority of the sizes ranging from XS to XXL.
FLEXFIT110®. Perfect for a range of 10 sizes and possibly more, with just 1 cap.
Fit for anyone, whenever and wherever.

In 2013,

FLEXFIT® went under countless R&D studies, and in a blind test with competing headwear companies, more than 95% of participants favored the FLEXFIT 110® cap!
Probably because they all felt it was just the right fit, right?

And of course, it’ll fit you perfectly too.