From everyday life to the global stage
Flexfit® can be found wherever our eyes can reach.

From the dad cap I wear for an upcoming trip to the snapback cap my fashionable friend wears.
From everyone’s favorite KBO league to the world renowned PGA Show.

For all those moments you find yourself needing a hat, the Flexfit® signature emblem is sure to serve its purpose.


Have you taken a close look at the FLEXFIT® emblem?

All Flexfit® products have an “elliptical emblem” on them, a sticker serving as a symbol of the best hats.

The small symbols above and below the Flexfit
® logo represent YUPOONG, the name of the Korean company that makes Flexfit®.


Didn’t know FLEXFIT®
was a Korean brand?

No worries.

Many mistake us as an overseas brand, since we’ve become well known for what we do.

But all you need to know is that Flexfit® has been all over the world as a Global Brand; a company not from the US, Europe or anywhere else, but from South Korea.


Feeling the vibe of

From the viral wave of Korean culture, we believe that Flexfit® is one of the leading icons of K-Culture.
With long-time fans of Flexfit® like Hollywood star Will Smith and golf idol Rickie Fowler, it’s possible that even you are already a fan of the brand.